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DEC 15, 2020

How a COVID-19 Mask Company Saved a Thai Tailor

Founder and CEO Herbert Yu founded the company to help a small tailoring business in Thailand, which was on the verge of closing due to the Covid-19 pandemic...

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NOV 24, 2020

Where to buy popular face mask styles for 2020

Bonrisu makes handmade cotton face masks for adults and kids. The masks have a filter pocket and adjustable straps. Bonrisu has partnered with Meals on Wheels...

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SEP 7, 2020

Opportunity Stared Marblehead Mask Maker in the Face

Bonrisu — the name for which is derived from the latin words bonum and risus, meaning ‘good smile’ — partnered with Meals on Wheels, donating more than 10,000...

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OCT 13, 2020

Here's Where You Can Buy Face Masks Online Right Now

As the novel coronavirus pandemic surges on, the demand for face masks has some retailers scrambling to make more — and sometimes, finding a mask that's actually in...

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DEC 1, 2020

A World of Good Exists Behind Local Startup's Face Covering Line

The story: Yu is by training a management consultant. After receiving his Masters of Business Administration from Duke University in North Carolina, he worked with some...

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SEP 8, 2020

Top Brands Join Meals on Wheels America for Don't Stop Now™ Campaign

Before COVID-19 hit, one in four seniors lived alone while one in six seniors experienced hunger. This number has grown steadily since lockdown measures have come into place...

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NOV 2, 2020

15 kids face masks available to buy online

The CDC recommends that children over the age of two wear face masks to help slow the spread of coronavirus when in public or around people not from their household...

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NOV 2, 2020

The Small Business That’s Making Social Responsibility a Priority

“Consumers are continuing to change and rethink how they purchase and consume,” he says. “They’re looking beyond just spending money, beyond label, the product...

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